Conservation Commission

May 18, 2019: Garlic Mustard pull at the Rev. Dan Foster House (10 - 11 AM)

The Weathersfield Conservation Commission serves the Town by identifying, protecting, and preserving:

•significant natural and fragile areas as identified by Elizabeth Thompson in her 1992 work:  "Biological Natural Areas of Weathersfield, VT"
•outstanding water resources (ponds, rivers, aquifers, wetlands and vernal pools)
•significant roads, waterways and views
•the quality of the air, water, wildlife and land resource

We also provide advisory environmental evaluations to the Planning Commission on the impact of subdivisions on our natural, scenic and historic resources which include checking for deer wintering areas, prime agricultural soils, wetlands & streams, steepness, fragile areas, historic, rare plant and animal communities, etc.

This year we:
•co-sponsored a talk on Lyme disease by Dr. Chesney from Sojourns Health Clinic 
•Helped with Town Forest Recreation Plan
•Identified and researched Town owned land
•plan to administer the conserved Town Forest as soon as a trail head and access can be developed
•lead hikes to significant sites

An important duty of the Conservation Com. is educating the public and we have had workshops on:  Invasive Species,  Vernal Pools,  Amphibian Crossings, and plan to have more.  We have brochures on Invasive Species available at the Town Office.

Our meetings take place on the fourth Thursday every month at 7:00 PM at the Center Meetinghouse Church and we would welcome visitors and any input.

Heather Shand, Chair(2021)
Jeff Pelton, Vice Chair (2022)

Tina Wood, Secretary (2020)
Roy Burton, Treasurer (2021)
Harry Temple (2022)
Howard Beach (2020)
Ellen Clattenburg (2022)
Tyler Harwell (2022)

Emerald Ash Borer documents

Weathersfield Ash Tree Inventory 2019


05/27/19 May 2019 Minutes Minutes      
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